The 2017 Ford Explorer is equipped with a set of warning and indicator dashboard symbols that allow you to monitor its performance, condition, and settings. While driving around Wayne, Montclair, or Clifton, it can be nerve-wracking when a dashboard symbol lights up in the 2017 Ford Explorer's instrument cluster. That's why Wayne Ford put together a handy dashboard symbols guide for the 2017 Ford Explorer.

Anytime you have a question about one of the 2017 Ford Explorer's dashboard symbols, read our guide below.

2017 Ford Explorer Warning Symbols

The following dashboard symbols represent 2017 Ford Explorer warning lights. Anytime you notice a warning light on your 2017 Ford Explorer, schedule a maintenance appointment at a certified Ford dealership in your area.

  • Brake System:
    The 2017 Ford Explorer's brake light will appear if the parking brake is engaged while the engine is running. Turn your parking brake off if it's still engaged. If the Ford Explorer's dashboard light doesn't go away, its brake fluid may be low or its brake system could be malfunctioning.
  • Battery:
    If an issue with the 2017 Ford Explorer's battery or charging system is detected, a battery light will appear on its dashboard. Turn off all unnecessary electrical equipment and take your 2017 Ford Explorer to an authorized Ford dealership immediately.
  • Engine Oil Light:
    The 2017 Ford Explorer's engine oil light looks like an old-fashioned oil can. If it appears while the engine is running, pull over to a safe location and turn the engine off. Have an authorized dealership check the oil level for the 2017 Ford Explorer immediately.
  • Anti-Lock Braking System: 
    The 2017 Ford Explorer's Anti-Lock Braking System light appears if a problem is detected. Even though the 2017 Ford Explorer's normal brake system will work normally, you should have an authorized Ford dealership inspect your vehicle.

2017 Ford Explorer Indicator Symbols

The following 2017 Ford Explorer indicator lights appear when certain nonessential features are in use. If you notice any of these lights in the 2017 Ford Explorer's instrument cluster, you don't need to worry about a mechanical malfunction.

  • Cruise Control:
    The 2017 Ford Explorer's cruise control dashboard light looks like a dial. This light appears when cruise control is activated on the 2017 Ford Explorer.
  • Head-Up Display:
    The 2017 Ford Explorer's head-up display looks like a series of horizontal red lights. If you're using Adaptive Cruise Control or the available Collision Warning system, the head-up display will appear on the 2017 Ford Explorer's windshield.
  • Blind Spot Monitor:
    The 2017 Ford Explorer's Blind Spot Monitor light will appear when its Blind Spot Monitoring system has been deactivated. You may also see a corresponding message.

Clear Your Ford Explorer's Dashboard Symbols at Wayne Ford

If you're concerned about a warning light on your 2017 Ford Explorer's dashboard, Wayne Ford, a dealership serving Wayne, Montclair, and Clifton, can help.

Our Ford dealership has a state-of-the-art service center where our certified Ford technicians will look into what your dashboard symbols are communicating, and make any repairs or part replacements you need to get your Ford Explorer back up and running.

Schedule a service appointment with Wayne Ford the next time you're concerned about dashboard symbols. 

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