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Can Using Vehicle-Compatible Oil Influence Gas Mileage?

In the course of normal operations, engine oil performs many vital tasks. One of these jobs involves helping your cylinders get more out of each stroke, which in turn helps your car get better gas mileage. The key to understanding this process is understanding oil viscosity.

Viscosity can be defined the way fluids move when pressurized at various temperatures. At similar temperatures, high-viscosity liquids are thicker in consistency than low-viscosity liquids and thus flow more slowly. 

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How Do Brake Pads Work?

Brake pads are typically created out of a combination of metals, such as graphite, copper, iron, and steel that are mixed together. Brake pads need strength to withstand the heat and friction of stopping a moving vehicle thousands of times. This combination of metals forms a surface that’s durable and cost effective.

When you press on the brake pedal inside the car, you begin a flow of brake fluid through the lines of the brake system. 

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Get Your Car Fixed at a Dealership

It's important to get your car serviced, but it's also important to go to the right place. You can go to a private mechanic, but it can be risky. Sometimes going to a big name and established brands has benefits. It's much better to go to a trusted dealership that not only knows your vehicle, but that has the expertise to back it up.

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Vehicle maintenance is important

If you want your vehicle to perform at its best and last a long time, then you need to have regular maintenance done. Your vehicle has a maintenance schedule, and following it will help to keep your ride in top shape.

Some of the maintenance tasks your vehicle requires on a regular basis, meaning at least every few months, are:
- Oil changes
- Tire rotations

Other maintenance tasks occur more infrequently, but are just as important. These include:
- Having other fluids, such as brake and transmission fluids, changed
- Tune-ups
- Replacing tires
- Replacing brake pads

Your vehicle's...
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Mid-Winter Maintenance Tips from Ford

"Inspect belts and hoses for cracks or fraying. Pliable materials in belts and hoses are more likely to get brittle and break in the winter, because the cold makes them stiffer. A damaged belt will reduce your engine’s efficiency, and a leaky hose could lead to an overheated engine and costly repairs."

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