Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid, and Coolant - Oh My!

We, as humans, must have fluids in our bodies at all times in order to function. As a matter of fact, roughly three-fourths of our overall mass is – you guessed it – water. Vehicles are constantly in need of fluid as well. Although they are inanimate objects, they require fluids to keep them functioning as normal. Let's detail two of the most popular fluids that every modern vehicle needs to work.

Transmission fluid helps switch gears, in both automatic and manual versions of vehicles. Without it, the gears in the aptly-named gearbox would quickly wear down, causing slips and potentially vehicular failure. Drivers should check their vehicles' transmission fluid levels at least once per month.

Motor oil keeps friction in the engine at bay. It's designed to be replaced every 5,000 miles, although some need to be flushed every 3,000 miles, at the very latest.

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