You deserve to ride on safe tires at all times, but do you know when your tread depth compromises your safety? In a recent research study, a trial to stop a car moving at a 60 mph was carried out. One tested car had a 2/32 inch of tread, one car had 4/32 inch and another had 10/32 inch tread depth. The 2/3 inch tread took ten more car lengths to stop! In wet areas, the tread depth should be even deeper to channels the water away. If not so, it becomes slippery you will find it hard to stop or you may also cause an accident.

You need assistance from a professional to know when to replace your tires. Tires have an inbuilt tread depth indicator bar that should remind you to visit your Ford service provider. Worn out tires will also tend to bulge outwards. It's an indicator that you need them replaced. For skilled assistance and quality service, make an appointment with us at Wayne Ford.

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