Get Your Car Fixed at a Dealership

It's important to get your car serviced, but it's also important to go to the right place. You can go to a private mechanic, but it can be risky. Sometimes going to a big name and established brands has benefits. It's much better to go to a trusted dealership that not only knows your vehicle, but that has the expertise to back it up.

Not only that, but we also used OEM parts straight from our vehicles' original manufacturer. These can be higher quality than third party parts. We go the extra mile to make sure you leave satisfied and in a car you can trust to stay running.

The next time you need car maintenance performed, bring it to Wayne Ford in Wayne, NJ. Our service center is well-equipped to handle any issues you have. And if you bought your car from us? You might even get the benefit of a dealership warranty to help mitigate the costs of your vehicle's repairs. Contact us and get started today.

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