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Inflate Those Tires And Save Gas!

Improperly inflated tires can wastes a lot of money on gasoline. Have your tire's pressure checked regularly. When you do, you will see that you are wasting a lot of gas if they are not properly inflated. Another way to save a lot of gas is realize that you are not a race car driver. Do not take off by gunning your engine when you come to a stop at a stop sign or stop light. Take off smoothly and carefully. That sudden burst of speed you are used to wastes gas and puts wear on your engine. Keep…
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The 2017 Ford Escape Will Make Your Life Happier

Tired of dropping the eggs while you fumble around trying to get the groceries into your vehicle? Well, no more! Not with the Ford Escape, because it has a hands-free, foot-operated lift gate, among many other amazing features. Features like its Enhanced Active Park Assist System, Auto-Stop Technology, and Lane-Keeping System. It even has Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Brake Support. You can even stay on top of your fuel level, start, unlock, and locate your Escape right from your phone. The magical part is, you don't even need to be anywhere near your vehicle because...
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2017 Ford Explorer Receives Ringing Endorsement from MotorWeek

Here at Wayne Ford, we've nothing but heaps of praise for our esteemed American automaker's full-size utility hauler, the 2017 Explorer. We feel it's a certifiable staple of the SUV segment.

And, as it turns out, we're not alone in that opinion, either.

It seems the vehicular gurus over at MotorWeek have taken quite a liking to the Explorer, too. Check out their review of it in the clip below:

The standard features content of the Explorer's Base trim is enough to make one's head spin.

Such amenities include 18-inch wheels, a rearview camera…

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Drive The All New 2017 Focus

The Ford Focus, previously named one of the top cars of the year, offers comfort and safety like never before. The 2017 Ford Focus offers safety lighting including daytime running lights as well as night vision for better visibility on the road. The traction control as well as the electronic stability control both make for a smoother more gentle ride. Each standard model offers brake assist, a rear view camera for parking assistance, and a four way speaker system for the best sound quality possible. The Ford Focus offers room for five with plenty of trunk space as well as…
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Best Italian Restaurants near Clifton, NJ

Italian cuisine is woven tightly into Clifton's culture from each bustling corner bistro to quaint neighborhood trattoria.

Whether you're a pasta aficionado or pizza connoisseur, Clifton's Italian restaurants bring together the motherland's finest flavors with authentic ingredients, creative combinations, and flawless fragrances. 

The three restaurants listed below represent a handful of the delicious Italian eateries around Clifton. With their expert chefs and modern take on traditional fare, we think they're…

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Top Yoga Studios in Wayne

A regular yoga practice can reconnect your mind, body, and spirit, creating space to evolve spiritually and mentally.  

Through the combination of breath, asana, and meditation, yoga is not only wonderful physical exercise, but also a valuable tool to help you practice mindfulness in the midst of life’s ceaseless demands and disruptions. 

When life’s hustle and bustle or constant chatter become too overwhelming, step into silence and onto your yoga mat at one…

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