Pre-Owned Vehicles Have Never Been Better

It is no secret that Ford manufactures dependable, high-quality vehicles. But did you know that you don’t have to buy a brand-new model to ensure that it will last?

Ford’s Certified Pre-Owned program (CPO) carefully selects eligible vehicles to offer in the resale market. Before a used vehicle qualifies for the program, it must first pass a rigorous 172-point inspection, which includes a careful look at its history, exterior, interior, diagnostics, performance, and more.

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Technology Features Inside The 2018 Ford Focus ST

Technology is the wave of the future. Without it human beings would continue to live primitively. The 2018 Ford Focus ST is a compact performance hatchback vehicle with many technology features that keep drivers will living with the Jetsons.

First, the vehicle presents heated leather seats and a leather trimmed steering wheel for prolonged warmth during your driving experience. 

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Engine Choices for the Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is a pickup truck that tows up to 13,200 lbs. and carries up to 3,270 of payload. Beneath whatever you decide to carry is a full boxed frame constructed from up to 78 percent high-strength steel. The resulting body is almost 700 lbs. lighter than previous versions making for greater fuel efficiency and higher capacity.

Your six engine choices include the 3.5-liter EcoBoost® that rates at 375 horsepower and 470 lb.-ft. of torque while using Port Fuel and Direct Injection and twin turbos. Another powerful option is the 5.0-liter...


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The Top Compact SUV: Ford Escape Capability Features

Did you know that the Ford Escape is ranked number two in the nation for compact SUVs? That beats out some luxury models as well. Ford has gone above and beyond with its latest. As a compact SUV, the Escape offers so much more affordability, performance, interior comfort, and safety than many of the other SUVs in the same category. Ford has been working hard on changing its compact SUV offering since last year. The new design is roomier with more tech options and better fuel economy.

The Ford Escape delivers great acceleration, nimble control, and agile steering across all…

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Intelligent Driving in the 2018 Ford Edge

With its spacious interior and advanced driving technology, the 2018 Ford Edge SUV is a great option for adventurers and families alike. It utilizes a number of unique features to enhance the driving experience and keep you safe on the road.

Whether you're driving through slick city streets or the rugged terrain of off-road paths, the Edge is designed to assist you along the way. All-wheel drive models have numerous sensors located throughout the vehicle that work to keep track of the ground around you. It uses this information to balance out the torque between your wheels.

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The Ford EcoSport: Safe and Fuel Efficient

The Ford EcoSport is a popular compact SUV that uses many features to make driving easier and more efficient. This SUV is perfect for all driving conditions.

The auto start-stop system helps save fuel and reduces emissions. It activates when your foot is on the brake pedal for a set amount of time. The motor will fire backup when you take your foot off the brake and hit the gas. You will stop burning up fuel at train tracks and long red lights.

Another feature that makes the EcoSport easy to drive is the hill start assist...

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Purpose of the Tire Pressure Light

Newer vehicles contain a system that includes sensors contained within each tires. The sensors are linked to technology that measures tire pressure. Tires tend to lose approximately one pound per square inch of pressure each month. This is normal. However, extreme temperature changes cost a greater pressure loss. 

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Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid, and Coolant - Oh My!

We, as humans, must have fluids in our bodies at all times in order to function. As a matter of fact, roughly three-fourths of our overall mass is – you guessed it – water. Vehicles are constantly in need of fluid as well. Although they are inanimate objects, they require fluids to keep them functioning as normal. Let's detail two of the most popular fluids that every modern vehicle needs to work.

Transmission fluid helps switch gears, in both automatic and manual versions of vehicles. 

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How to Inspect Your Tire Tread

You deserve to ride on safe tires at all times, but do you know when your tread depth compromises your safety? In a recent research study, a trial to stop a car moving at a 60 mph was carried out. One tested car had a 2/32 inch of tread, one car had 4/32 inch and another had 10/32 inch tread depth. The 2/3 inch tread took ten more car lengths to stop! In wet areas, the tread depth should be even deeper to channels the water away. If not so, it becomes slippery you will find…

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