Vehicle maintenance is important

If you want your vehicle to perform at its best and last a long time, then you need to have regular maintenance done. Your vehicle has a maintenance schedule, and following it will help to keep your ride in top shape.

Some of the maintenance tasks your vehicle requires on a regular basis, meaning at least every few months, are:
- Oil changes
- Tire rotations

Other maintenance tasks occur more infrequently, but are just as important. These include:
- Having other fluids, such as brake and transmission fluids, changed
- Tune-ups
- Replacing tires
- Replacing brake pads

Your vehicle's manufacturer has a recommended schedule for these and other maintenance tasks, and it is important that you follow it, especially if your car or truck is still under warranty. Bring your vehicle into Wayne Ford in Wayne, NJ, and our experienced auto technicians can take care of all your maintenance needs.
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