Can You Find Your Way Out of the Best Escape Rooms near Wayne NJ?

There are several ways you can challenge your brain. Reading is great, as well as crossword puzzles and sudoku. However, to really put your critical thinking skills to the test, you should definitely experience these escape rooms.

For an extreme brain-solving conundrum, check out these best escape rooms near Wayne, NJ.

Think Quick on Your Feet in the Adventure Rooms

At Adventure Rooms, you and your team will explore unique environments and use clues to solve a series of puzzles to try and reach the ultimate objective. The great thing about this place is that you’ll never be paired up with strangers. Even if you have a group of just two people, you’ll be in a private room putting both your thinking caps together to escape the room.

  • Escape this: Several places throughout the world had prized art pieces disappear without a trace. In The Hidden Cabin, you’ll explore the rumored house of an international master art thief. Uncover the techniques used by this master thief, and see if you can out-maneuver him.

See those who completed the challenging rooms on the Adventure Rooms Facebook page.

Experience the Technologically Advanced Amazing Escape Room

In the Amazing Escape Room, you must work with your team to solve a series of challenges and escape before time is up. Every room is made for all ages and skill sets. You simply need to be creative and curious.

  • Escape this: In The Lost Record, rumor has it that your favorite band lost a record that no one’s heard before. Find it in the music studio in record time, and you could even help it top the charts. 

Find out what’s new in the local escape room and check out Amazing Escape Room on Facebook.

The Fastest Hour You’ll Ever Spend at the Last Minute Escape Rooms

Go in. Do your job. Find the key. Get out. Your mission is simple enough at Last Minute Escape, but completing it will definitely be a challenge. If you’re into mystery movies or whodunit novels, then you’ll love solving the puzzles here.

  • Escape this: In The Duke’s Palace, a group of magical city dwellers have gathered for a quaint wedding between the Duke’s son and a beautiful princess. However, the celebration is put to a halt when an evil sorceress casts a terrible curse over the wedding guests an hour before midnight. The curse will take full effect when the clock strikes 12, unless you can find a way to reverse it and escape the palace before it’s too late.

After you play in any of the escape rooms, find your photo on the Last Minute Escape Facebook.

Put Your Skills to the Test to Make Your Escape

Use your quick wit, intellect, and ability to work with others to escape any of these rooms near Wayne, NJ, and get ready for a great problem-solving adventure.

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